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The brief

Boost was approached by TruFrame, the company behind the Double Glazing Network, back in 2016 to help redesign and market the website.

The project aimed to create a purpose-built website that focuses on connecting homeowners with TruFrame’s window and door installers, to help deliver more leads.

The previous version of the website struggled to attract homeowners and, subsequently, failed to generate leads.

With installers wanting more leads, and the previous website struggling to deliver, the client was keen to see a fast turnaround in the performance of the website. Furthermore, the website had to attract homeowners from all over the UK, in order to cover TruFrame’s installers who span the breadth of the country.

double glazing network website

The strategy

Having conducted workshops to establish the needs of TruFrame’s customers in a nationwide lead generation website, Boost got to work on designing and building the all-new Double Glazing Network website. It was built from the ground up to resonate with homeowners, look clean and simple, and offer a seamless experience in finding a local window or door installer.

What followed was a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that combined both short-term and long-term strategies for maximum efficiency.

Boost designed the marketing strategy to provide short-term results to kickstart the website and hit the ground running. These were delivered along with longer-term strategies to provide sustainable, long-term growth to convert what was once a small website into a serious national competitor.

In the early days, the PPC and SEO strategies were combined to support one another. PPC was used to identify new keywords and test their relative performance to other keywords. Keywords that then generated sufficient leads at the average cost per lead, were then integrated into the long-term SEO strategy.

Using this joined-up approach, we ensured that every single focus keyword was likely to generate positive results, should it rank favourably, as there was confidence in the data that the keyword attracted the right customer type, and ultimately, that the customer converted into a lead.

Alongside both the PPC and SEO strategy was an in-depth and wide-ranging content marketing strategy. The content marketing strategy focused on delivering high-value, useful, and insightful content, with two key principles:

  1. Build brand awareness and trust of the Double Glazing Network
  2. Support other internal pages of the website through adjacent keywords and supporting information on products

This strategy resulted in a continuous improvement in keyword rankings, website traffic, and lead volumes.

As an example of our work, during the pandemic (2020) the content marketing team at Boost focused on the announcement by the UK Government of the Green Homes Grant Scheme.

Thanks to our strategic yet flexible strategy, the team kept abreast of real-time news the team were able to act fast and pull together an in-depth guide to the scheme and explain in detail what it meant for homeowners. This article, and further supporting articles that followed, helped drive over 200,000 additional pageviews, ranking #1 for “green homes grant scheme” at the height of the scheme (2020) and being one of the first publishers to cover the announcement, ahead of high-profile news organisations.

Take a look: Green Homes Grant Scheme: Everything you need to know

The results.


increase in organic search traffic in a 12-month period


focus keywords in positions 1-5


increase in PPC leads at no additional cost


reduction in cost per lead in a 12-month period

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