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Without effective management of your PPC campaigns and paid advertsing, you could be throwing away a lot of money. atomicboost PPC agency, take a scientific, data-driven approach to PPC, ensuring we get the best results from your advertising spend budget.

atomicboost PPC agency, take a scientific, data-driven approach to PPC, ensuring we get the best results from your advertising spend budget.

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Are you currently running PPC ads but not convinced they're working as hard as they could?

You need an expert PPC agency on hand. Our specialist PPC team can provide a free audit of your PPC advertising and advise on whether your existing campaigns are performing optimally or if they could be improved.

All-encompassing paid search strategies

Google Search

Google is the go-to search engine, making up more than 90% of the market share. With its vast user base, it's the primary paid search platform to consider when looking to invest in paid search advertising.

Bing Search

Whilst Google is the predominant search engine, it isn't the only one to consider. Whilst Bing has a smaller user base, its users are generally more affluent and can result in larger order values, with lower investment in ad spend. It's a win-win.

App store search ads

You may not think about it, but the app stores on your phone are also search engines. People across Android and iOS visit the app stores to find apps for what they need. Search advertising on app stores helps you tap into this demand.

Complementary strategies

Aside from direct search advertising, our paid search experts at atomicboost PPC agency, can offer a range of complementary strategies designed to increase conversion rates and drive more business.

Shopping ads

Shopping ads across Google Shopping and Bing offer retailers a unique opportunity to drive greater sales performance across their full inventory. Our PPC team will look for opportunities to utilise this powerful tool for commercial advantage, displaying your products prominently amongst people who are in the buying phase of the customer journey.

Display advertising

Utilising the Google Display Network with carefully targeted advertisement placement on relevant, quality and authoritative sites, we get your business in front of a much wider audience, most of whom will be actively researching similar products or services to yours.


Remarketing creates excellent opportunities for conversion rate optimisation by actively targeting customers who have already visited your website and have shown an interest in your products. Because it targets an audience which is already interested in your business, this type of marketing can often yield a far greater return on investment.

Campaign planning and monitoring

As a specialist PPC agency we know the importance of budgeting.

Your account will have careful planning and ongoing monitoring ensure your PPC budget is working for you and that it continues to generate good quality leads for a much higher return on investment.

Clicks you can use

Thorough keyword research ensures we target the products and services your customers are specifically looking for. This means the clicks you pay for are genuine leads for your business.

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