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The brief

Understanding the need to become more digital, Lindleys Autocentres wanted to target the thousands of potential customers who weren’t being reached by more traditional mediums. Therefore, they asked Boost to enhance their online presence via paid search advertising (PPC) and organic search optimisation (SEO).

The aim was to increase their brand awareness throughout Nottingham through increased traffic to the website and establish themselves as a serious competitor in the market, amongst national garage chains.

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The strategy

With the garage industry being highly competitive on both a national and local level, it was essential that the paid search advertising worked efficiently to maximise the number of leads whilst keeping costs to a minimum – this is where our team of marketers got to work. 

Getting ingrained into Lindleys’ marketing strategy allowed us to actively perform optimisations on a day-to-day basis; robust monitoring of the campaigns not only reduced the cost-per-lead, but in turn freed up the budget to continue growing the number of leads generated. All this came together to deliver year-on-year increases in leads without increasing the budget requirements.

As Lindleys continues to grow, new services are being deployed across its branches, such as last year’s introduction of mobile tyre-fitting services. Being brand new to the market, brand awareness was extremely low and needed to be boosted.

Following a year of organic search campaigns, we enacted a part of Lindley’s overarching marketing plan and nurtured the new service into one of their top lead generators. Only 12 months after its introduction, the company now outperforms major competitors in the market.

Our team worked to regularly research new trends and emerging developments – both in the company’s target demographics and in the context of the car industry.

Combining our research allowed us to create tailored content that raised the brand’s profile, increased visibility across the Nottingham area and drove organic growth.

Lindleys’ trust in our proposition has resulted in the complete reinvention of their digital marketing strategy and has helped reach customers at a level unheard in their traditional campaigns. Following suit, Lindleys themselves have developed strong brand equity and extended their reach far beyond their previous territories.

Having previously been limited to their local area, Lindleys now operate as a much larger fish in an even bigger pond.

The results.


year-on-year growth in organic search traffic


increase in leads year-on-year


lower cost per lead


for “tyres nottingham” (2020 data)

Working in collaboration with our marketing team, AtomicMedia have helped our business grow rapidly over the last few years by devising an online marketing strategy to drive customers to our website. The team are always on hand to answer any queries we may have and offer prompt and sound advice.

Ryan O'Donnell, Business Development Manager

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