Urban Eat



The brief

Urban Eat approached us seeking assistance in expanding its reach on social media through the nurturing of social channels and community management.

Although Urban Eat’s direct customer is retailers, it acts as a B2C brand and therefore its objective was to connect with individual end consumers through social media.
As a result, our content and messaging needed to strike a chord with a B2C audience.

The strategy

We chose to execute our strategy across two channels, leveraging the active and established audience that Urban Eat had on Facebook and the potential for an even more significant content impact on Instagram.

To enhance Urban Eat’s social strategy and content pillars, we adopted a more organised approach to guide our content’s direction and purpose. With Urban Eat’s distinctive bold and energetic brand identity in mind, we eagerly set out to create designs that mirrored their lively and playful character, all in alignment with our strategic objectives.

Our content pillars primarily revolved around entertaining elements like games, trends, memes, and similar content that connects well with a B2C audience, occasionally complemented by self-promotional posts. Ensuring that every piece of content we shared resonated with Urban Eat’s unique style, tone, and exuberance was our utmost priority.

As well as the content, community management for Urban Eat on social media played a significant role in our responsibilities. We frequently encountered numerous inbox messages that posed similar enquiries, prompting us to develop templated responses to enhance efficiency. Additionally, we established escalation procedures for the rare instances when we couldn’t provide immediate assistance, or where a complaint was raised that needed escalating through the appropriate internal channels, and worked with Urban Eat on refining those procedures and providing appropriate responses back to the customer.

Beyond direct messaging, both social media channels regularly received frequent comments, especially on Facebook posts designed to encourage engagement, like interactive game posts. Maintaining Urban Eat’s vibrant brand identity was a top priority for us, so we made sure to acknowledge and respond to all comments in a manner consistent with their brand guidelines, ensuring that our tone of voice mirrored their energetic image.

The results.


Organic Reach increase on Facebook in a 12-month period


Organic Reach increase on Instagram in a 12-month period

From the very beginning, Atomic exhibited a high level of professionalism and expertise. The team took the time to understand our brand, its values, and our target audience. The social media strategies and campaigns that were developed were not only creative and engaging but also tailored perfectly to resonate with our audience.

Charlotte Assinder, Brand Manager

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