With billions of Instagram profiles out there, it’s not easy to get your account to stand out, especially if you are new to the site. Here are a few tips to make your account stand out, which will hopefully result in a bigger following for you or your business.

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When making your account (or giving it a revamp), customising your name is the first step to getting noticed, so make it something people will remember. Hint: be unique! 

Alongside this, your bio can also be changed to something quirky that people will love. This doesn’t have to be something really long, some of the best bios we know are only a couple of words.

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Once your profile is looking good, it’s time to move onto your posts. Everybody knows that good quality and relevant photos are the best-performing on Instagram, so sticking to this rule will help your account, but standing out is a different matter. 

We suggest choosing a certain theme to your account, and consistently uploading photos that promotes this theme. Your theme can be as simple as one colour scheme, or as thought out as each row being a certain picture. If you’re looking for more Instagram theme ideas, keep an eye on this blog!

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Your posts should also be accompanied by a nice writing style that also fits your theme. It sounds obvious, but not all people pay attention to this step. Keep your description short and sweet, because it’s not about how many characters you write, it’s about the quality of them.

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This last tip is probably the most important: be yourself! It may sound cheesy, but how and what you post on Instagram should really reflect who you are as a person. Consistently posting images that you love will result in an authentic account that will no doubt be a stand out!

Posted on 6th August 2021 by Jack Wilkinson

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